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ACRA 2017 ASM Speaker & Poster Presentations


Monday 7th August 2017

Improved Outcomes in your CV Patients: Current Guidelines, Risk of Recurrent Events and Adherence

Assoc Prof Brendan McQuillan


Tuesday 8th August 2017

Exergaming: a new tool to support patients with heart failure to be physically active

Professor Anna Strömberg


Change and opportunity in healthcare

Andrea Lloyd, Andrea Lloyd & Associates

Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Are We Stuck With Statins?

Professor Gerard Watts, University of Western Australia

Troubled minds, troubled hearts

Professor Susanne S. Pedersen, University of Southern Denmark

The Hollywood heart attack moment

Janet Bray

Health literacy of patients attending cardiac rehabilitation

Alun Jackson

Do women with acute coronary syndrome have similar cardiovascular risk factors compared to their male counterparts?

Najmeh Na Alyasin

Will exercise prescription via metabolic equivalents improve six-minute walk distance of patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation?

Qamaruzaman Syed Gani

A public / private collaboration to reduce the burden of preventable hospitalisations in patients with heart failure in Tasmania

Sue Sanderson

Developing a cardiac rehabilitation-specific Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry module

Samara Phillips

Relationship between medication adherence and health literacy, cognition and knowledge in atrial fibrillation patients

Robyn Gallagher

Cardiac rehabilitation and the ‘active couch potato’ phenomenon: move less, sit more.

Nicole Freene

Clinical Audit of Patients Presenting to Medical Assessment Unit with Congestive Cardiac Failure to Ascertain the Prevalence, Precipitating Factors, Prognostic Markers Including Clinical and Biochemical Parameters Along with Looking at In-patient Management and Reason For Representation

Dr Rekha Annie Prasad

Would Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) be an important predictor for the development of heart disease for Macau adults aged 35 or above? Result from a five-year follow-up study in Macao.

Ken Gu

Life after cardiac rehabilitation; the benefits of a community-based physical activity program.

Coral L Hanson

Palliative pathway for HARP Complex Care Chronic Heart Failure patients - is there an unmet need?

Kristina L Asker

Implementing a cardiac rehabilitation-specific Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry module

Samara Phillips

Current status of cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention for coronary heart disease patients in mainland China: results from a mixed-method study

Tashi Dorje

Comparison of exercise tolerance in coronary heart disease patients age 40-54, 55-69, and >70 years old before and after attending a comprehensive exercise based cardiac rehabilitation program

Najmeh Na Alyasin

Pioneering the way in which cardiac care and education is delivered – using innovative approaches and web-based technologies

Tamra Langley 

A cross-sectional analysis of published guidance about exercise training and physical activity for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease: A trade-off between methodological quality and clinical usefulness?

Bridget Abell

Is Cardiac Rehabilitation protective against long-term morbidity following Acute Coronary Syndrome?

Emma Thomas

The effect of chemotherapy on aerobic power and cardiac function in early-stage breast cancer patients

Ashley Bigaran

Health Technologies

Sandy Hamilton and Robyn Gallagher

   Mental Health – Assessing mental health in CR setting

Jess Sharp

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Physical activity and heart health: should a ‘whole-of-day’ approach be the focus in today’s sitting-centric society?

Professor David Dunstan, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

 LODOCO – Colchocine research

Mark Nidorf

The Heart of Australia

Dr Rolf Gomes

Snapshot of cardiac rehabilitation services in NSW: Results of a pilot study using a minimum dataset.

Robert Zecchin

An avatar-based education application to improve knowledge and response to heart attack symptoms in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients: interim 1 month results from a single-centre, non-blinded, pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Jintana Tongpeth

Cognitive impairment in acute coronary syndrome: the invisible barrier to secondary prevention

Anna Woolaston

“It’s all about language”. Self-efficacy and self-management in people with heart disease.

Maria Mares

Incorporating cardiopulmonary resuscitation training into a cardiac rehabilitation program: A feasibility study.

Susie Cartledge

Does an app fill the gap in cardiac rehab? A flexible approach can it improve uptake, adherence and completion.

Fiona Bourke & Liz Collins

Health Related Quality Of Life in Post-Operative Congenital Heart Disease Adults: a Mixed Methods Study from a Low Middle Income Country Pakistan

Laila LAL Ladak

Quality and cultural sensitivity of linguistically appropriate CVD information for Chinese immigrants: a review of online resources from heart foundations.

Jialiln Li

Oral Health Care and Cardiac Care Clinicians: Current Practices and Future Direction

Paula Sanchez

Evaluation of the St Vincent’s Hospital Heart Health Website: An Evidence-based Resource Tool

Nikki Molan

Health-Related Quality of Life and Functional Capacity Outcomes Post Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nicola Straiton

Trying to navigate a way forward: rehabilitation and secondary prevention experiences of Aboriginal cardiac patients

Wendy Keech

The effect of patient characteristics and presenting symptoms on prehospital delay in myocardial infarction patients: A prospective cohort study.

Linda Coventry

Achieving consistency of inpatient education: Assessing the six steps to a cardiac recovery at discharge. Are we assuming patients fully understand?

Tracy Swanson

Is home-based exercise training as effective as a supervised exercise training program for people with coronary heart disease?

Hazel Mountford

Poster Presentations


Thirty Years Experience in a Rural Cardiac Rehabilitation Program: How the patient journey has changed

Diane Jacobs

Where to now? Transitioning into community exercise

Nicole Dixon

Cognitive change in older cardiac rehabilitation patients

Francis Wise

Respiratory and Cardiac collaboration: Technologies utilised for case based education

Sandra Dumas

The literature review of the effectiveness of early start cardiac rehabilitation program phase II post cardiac event

Yasmeen Kashif