Videos for Cardiac Rehabilitation Advocacy

The Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Following a heart attack, all patients should attend a cardiac rehabilitation program. This video explains what cardiac rehabilitation is and how to find your nearest program.

Courtesy of The National Heart Foundation of Australia

Patients Sharing their Experience of Participating in Cardiac Rehabilitation

To help demystify cardiac rehabilitation and encourage more people to attend, Heart Foundation (NSW) have developed 7 brief videos where patients give personal accounts of their experience of attending cardiac rehabilitation. Each one tries to focus on a particular component of cardiac rehabilitation – sex, diet, physical activity, depression, opportunity to ask questions, feeling dispirited or overwhelmed.  Each then describes how attending cardiac rehabilitation helped to work through these issues. The videos are accessible on the Heart Foundation cardiac rehabilitation webpage.

Delivering cardiac rehabilitation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The NSW Ministry for Health, The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council and The Heart Foundation hosted a teleconference on the 28th March 2019. The webinar assists in the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and provides an understanding of innovative models of support in different health care and community settings. 


Better Cardiac Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

This collection of four short online videos is designed to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for Aboriginal people. They were developed through collaboration between the NSW Ministry of Health and partners including the Better Cardiac Care Aboriginal Advisory Group, the Heart Foundation, NSW Ambulance and clinicians from Aboriginal Medical Services.

In the videos, well-known Aboriginal actors enact common scenarios that could be experienced by any family, to convey how to recognise and respond to heart attacks, prevent heart disease, and recover effectively. The videos also talk about treatment and monitoring of rheumatic heart disease.