Ongoing endorsed projects

September 2019

An Investigation into the Provision of Nutrition Care in Cardiac Rehabilitation Services in Australia

Lucy Kocanda - PhD Candidate, University of Newcastle

The aim of this project is to improve knowledge of current nutrition care practice in CR, as well as barriers and facilitators to providing nutrition care. It is anticipated that this knowledge might allow improved nutrition programs to be developed for use in CR.

It is currently looking for Cardiac Rehabilitation service coordinators across Australia to take part in an online survey.

Investigating Cardiac Rehabilitation for transient ischaemic Attack and Mild-Stroke (CRAMS)

Eve Dudley - Honours Student, University of Canberra

This study aims to explore in‑depth barriers and enablers to transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and mild‑stroke inclusion in cardiac rehabilitation programs from health professionals working in stroke and cardiac rehabilitation.

It is currently looking for Cardiac Rehabilitation practicioners across Australia to take part in a telephone semi‑structured interview.

March 2019

The development of a consensus-based guideline for objective cardiovascular assessment in clinical exercise services. A Delphi Study 

Bethany Gower - HDR Candidate (M Res), University of South Australia

This is a study aiming to develop consensus-based recommendations on objective measures of cardiovascular function in the assessment of people receiving clinical exercise services.

It was looking for Accredited Exercise Physiologists and/or Registered Physiotherapists who have had at least 5 years (FTE) of active clinical and/or academic practice and have a particular expertise working with patients with cardiac and cardiovascular conditions.