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Project Title

A national survey of cardiac rehabilitation programs in Australia: Program characteristics and psychosocial screening practices


Project Description


Project Outputs

  • Jackson AC, Le Grande MR, Higgins RO, Rogerson M, Murphy BM. Psychosocial screening and assessment practice within cardiac rehabilitation: a survey of cardiac rehabilitation coordinators in Australia. Heart, Lung and Circulation. 2017 Jan 1;26(1):64-72.
  • Jackson AC, Higgins RO, Murphy BM, Rogerson M, Le Grande MR. Cardiac rehabilitation in Australia: a brief survey of program characteristics. Heart, Lung and Circulation. 2018 Dec 1;27(12):1415-20.

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Project Title

A national survey of the characteristics of exercise training delivered in Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation programs,


Project Description and Findings

Exercise training is a core component of cardiac rehabilitation (CR), however, little information exists regarding the specific exercise interventions currently provided for coronary heart disease in Australian practice. This study conducted a nationwide survey of the current status of exercise-based CR services in Australia, with particular focus on the individual elements of the exercise intervention. Considerable variability in exercise training characteristics was observed across Australian programmes, yet individual programmes themselves offered patients with few options for exercise. Most of the exercise training provided within Australian CR programmes remains within traditional hospital, group-based models.


Project Outputs

  • Abell B, Glasziou P, Briffa T, Hoffmann T. Exercise training characteristics in cardiac rehabilitation programmes: a cross-sectional survey of Australian practice. Open Heart. 2016 Feb 1;3(1):e000374.
  • Exercise training in Australian cardiac rehab: A snapshot of current nationwide practice (ACRA 2015 ASM Presentation)