Types of Membership

Individual Membership

Membership is assigned to an individual person.

Department Membership

This membership is offered to Allied Health Departments who may have a position dedicated to working with chronic disease management programs or cardiac rehabilitation programs in a temporary or part-time capacity.  The benefits of membership are passed on to the current member of their team who is working in this position with these programs.  For example this could include the dietitian who presents the "Healthy Eating" talk to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients.  As ACRA membership is designed to support health professionals working in chronic disease management, this membership is ONLY for Allied Health Departments and not for a Cardiac Rehabilitation department.  This membership is designed to provide these health professionals with the benefits of an ACRA membership, though they may only work in Cardiac Rehabilitation for a short time before someone else in the department takes over in that position at which point the ACRA benefits would be passed onto them .

Please contact the Secretariat for more information or to proceed with membership.

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership is awarded to those individuals who have also been awarded an Alan Goble Distinguished Service Award (previously called Distinguised Service Award).