Training courses and resources

There are no specific accreditations, qualifications or professional requirements to work in cardiac rehabilitation in Australia. However, most institutions/organisations will require current CPR certification and basic/advanced life support training. ACRA also recommends that any staff have cardiac specific experience and related qualifications to their profession, and undergo some training with the staff who already work in the program and fill skills gaps as needed.

Listed below are currently available opportunities to develop skills in Cardiac Rehabilitation practice.

Australian-based training

Australian Centre for Heart Health Training Programs

The Australian Centre for Health Health offers an annual four day course teaching practical skills to assist metro, regional and rural practitioners to implement, conduct and evaluate cardiac rehabilitation and prevention programs. They also offer training in other relevant areas such as Heart Failure and physical activity. All training programs qualify for Continuing Professional Development hours (CPD hours). Education may be run in-person or online depending on local restrictions.

Australian-based training

ACRA membership gives you free or discounted member access to all of our professional development and education events. These are a great way to learn network with other CR professionals. There are also over 40 webinars, presentations or other educational videos in the Member's Area.

Australian-based training

Another important source of information is the Heart Foundation Cardiac Rehab for professionals page on which you will find all the information on the most recent guideline like document (the Standardised Program Content Outline) and also on national quality indicators for CR.

International/online training

International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification

This course educates participants on how to deliver all the core CR components, in accordance with ICCPR’s consensus statement on CR delivery in low-resource settings. This program will provide learners with the cognitive knowledge to deliver CR, as well as technical and clinical skills .The aim is to recognize healthcare professionals from multiple disciplines who have achieved competence in the foundations of CR delivery. After completion individuals will have earned the ICCPR CRFC designation. This course costs $USD100. The ICCPR website is also full of additional resources.