About ACRA





The Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association Inc (ACRA) is a national association of multidisciplinary health professionals involved in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease with a strong focus on rehabilitation.

The Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association is the peak body which provides support and advocacy for multidisciplinary health professionals to deliver evidence-based best practice across the continuum of cardiovascular care.  We aim to empower health professionals to achieve optimal and equitable outcomes for all affected by cardiovascular disease.

The strategic environment in which we are operating is characterised by:

  • An aging population, with complex chronic diseases, placing increasing demands upon our health system.
  • Government health reforms increasingly focussing on strategies that reduce the pressure on acute hospital beds.
  • Inequity in access to better health outcomes.
  • New emerging models of service provision for cardiac rehabilitation and related services.
  • Increased health professional responsibility and accountability for their own continuing professional development.
  • Other professional organisations that are also aiming to provide a service to our members.
  • The need for access to evidence-based information, informing practice.
  • Utilisation of information technology to facilitate communication.