Three new research projects just endorsed by ACRA seeking volunteers

The ACRA research and education committee has recently endorsed 3 research projects which are currently seeking volunteers to participate. Endorsement by ACRA demonstrates that the research has undergone review by our members, and aligns with our mission and values. The projects are seeking both CR patients and CR practitioners to participate. Please consider if you can contribute to or promote these projects.

Compliance and Behavioural Modification post-Myocardial Infarction using Digital Health: The MiSmartHeart Study

Aiming to develop a digital health technology that addresses the needs of MI patients and supports heart-healthy behaviours.

  • Currently seeking patients who have suffered an MI and those health professionals who care for them
  • Online focus groups/interviews
  • $30 voucher for participation

The INFORM-AF Pilot Study – A Pilot Feasibility Study of mHealth education program for patients living with Atrial Fibrillation

This study aims test the feasibility of a novel digital education program targeted to patients
living with AF, in improving their knowledge and quality of life.

  • Currently seeking patients with atrial fibrillation visiting or admitted into Blacktown Hospital or Sutherland Hospital Cardiology Services
  • 6 week education program via a personal smartphone

The cardiovascular oral health CARDIOH Project

The aim of this study/survey is to understand the current knowledge, perceptions and practices of nurses, cardiac specialists, GPs and allied health professionals working in CVD in Australia towards oral health.

  • Currently seeking all types of clinicians and practitioners working in cardiovascular health
  • 10-15 minute online survey

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