The Heart Foundation: Mapping Out Australia’s Heart Health

The Heart Foundation launched Australian Heart Maps today – which is new data on heart-related hospital admissions that highlights the disturbing gaps between those living in the city and those in regional Australia. A concerning trend among the hotspots was the correlation between access to services, particularly for those considered disadvantaged, and the rates of heart-related hospital admissions.

The Heart Foundation considers the Australian Heart Maps data will help inform planning of services and will help create environments that support better health.

The maps will serve as a valuable tool for health professionals, health services, local governments, researchers and policy makers; and the Australian Heart Maps can be used to set strategy, plan services and target prevention initiatives to areas of greatest need.

Data gathered through Australian Heart Maps will be used by the Heart Foundation to tackle inequities in heart disease through tailored programs, research efforts and partnerships with others.

The link to the Australian Heart Maps can be found here:


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