Statement from ACRA about CoVid19 including Facebook group

Dear members

ACRA unequivocally supports the national level advice on CoVid19 from the Chief Medical Officer and encourages members to obtain regular updates from their State Government and Health Departments.

ACRA advises services adhere to recommendations and requirements of Local Health Districts and Institutional directives.

ACRA recommends continuation of services where possible in a more flexible format including telehealth options (email, skype, phone) as there is strong evidence that almost all of our patients are using at least one of these regularly.

ACRA continues to assess the current environment and how to provide educational events to the membership.

Due to member’s request for a portal for communication the ‘ACRA members’ Facebook page is now searchable. This will be available to financial members of ACRA. Requests to join will be processed as quickly as possible. The purpose of this page is to act as a conduit for members in a challenging time to share tips about how they are managing cardiovascular health and rehabilitation services and resources they may have identified. The page will be monitored to ensure posts meet the ACRA vision.

All communication to will responded in a timely manner.

ACRA will continue to provide members with regular updates.

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