Recently endorsed project now recruiting patients for an online self-management program

ACRA has recently endorsed Getting ‘Back on Track’ after a heart event: trial of an online program

The team at the Australian Centre for Heart Health (ACHH) is very excited to be launching, Back on Track, their online self-management program for people who have had a cardiac event, such as heart attack or heart surgery. The Back on Track program helps patients manage their health behaviours and emotional wellbeing. The program begins with a goal-setting module, followed by a suite of self-selected modules relating to dietary change; physical activity; smoking cessation; and emotional recovery. The program is done online in the comfort and privacy of individual’s homes, which is an important aspect in light of the current situation with COVID-19 and social distancing requirements.

Who can take part?: Patients with a heart attack, CABG, stent, or unstable angina, in the past 12 months. 300 patients are needed.

What is involved?: Patients will be given access to the Back on Track program, which includes a goal-setting module and four lifestyle modules on physical activity, dietary change, smoking cessation and emotional wellbeing. They can choose whichever of the lifestyle modules are relevant. There are two groups in the study. The ‘self-directed’ group will complete the online modules alone, whereas the ‘supported’ group will receive two telephone calls with a specially trained facilitator to assist them in completing the online modules.

They will also complete an online questionnaire prior to doing Back on Track, and again at completion of the program and four months later.

CR clinicians and programs are being asked to promote the trial to patients and colleagues.

Where can I get more information?: Any further questions or enquiries, please contact the ACHH by email: or phone: (03) 9326 8544, or visit thier website at

Download the information flyer

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