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Omega 3 in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: New evidence on an old intervention

In 2013, it was identified that the Heart Foundation needed to review its evidence and position on Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fat, Fish Oil, and fish. The need for this review arose from new research being published since the previous position statement, released in 2008. In April this year, the Heart, Lung and Circulation journal published an evidence review to inform the Heart Foundation's position on fish and omega-3 intake in relation to heart disease, and will advise participants on the Heart Foundation's updated position statement and associated recommendations.


Starts: 14:30 AEST

Finishes: 15:30 AEST

Cost: Free to members and $35.00 for non-members

Attendance: Online via Redback Conferencing - Webinar. ONLY registered attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which will be emailed after the webinar. 

Registrations open from 12th May 2015 to 24th June 2015

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Deanne Wooden - Nutrition Manager Heart Foundation

Deanne Wooden is a public health nutritionist with 15 years' experience working across different settings and contexts. She graduated with Honours from QUT Nutrition and Dietetics in 1999 and has been with the Heart Foundation in Queensland for 6 years. Her main work areas are improving the nutritional profile of the food supply and increasing awareness of heart healthy eating; through advocacy, health professional education and training and consumer communications.

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