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Come and join ACRA, the leading  professional body for all health professionals in cardiovascular health, secondary prevention and rehabilitation, heart failure and chronic disease management.


Annual Individual Membership fee: $145 (+ $40 joining fee)

Annual Departmental Membership fee: $180 (+ $40 joining fee)

This fee to be paid at the time of joining. If you join at a national or state education event, the joining fee will be waived for Individual Membership applications (not Departmental).

Individual Membership

Membership is assigned to an individual person.

Departmental Membership

This membership is offered to Allied Health Departments who may have a position dedicated to working with chronic disease management programs or cardiac rehabilitation programs in a part-time capacity. The benefits of membership are passed on to the current member of their team who is working in this position with these programs. For example this could include the dietitian who presents the "Healthy Eating" talk to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients. As ACRA membership is designed to support health professionals working in chronic disease management, this membership is ONLY for Allied Health Departments and not for a cardiac Rehabilitation department. This membership is designed to provide these health professionals with the benefits of an ACRA membership, though they may only work in Cardiac Rehabilitation for a short time before someone else in the department takes over in that position at which point the ACRA benefits would be passed onto them .


Pro-rata policy for new ACRA members in 2024

New Individual members who join between 1 March to 30 June pay $145 (+ $40 joining fee) and receive up to 16 months membership

New Departmental members who join between 1 March to 30 June pay $180 (+ $40 joining fee) and receive up to 16 months membership


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Please click here to download the 'ACRA Membership Application Form'. Once completed, please send the form to the ACRA Secretariat.

Member Benefits Include:

Regular national news updates and emails

Discount to ACRA's Annual Scientific Meeting

Discount to state held educational events

Alerts to relevant professional development courses

Network of leading health professionals in your field

Alerts to job opportunities

Access to ACRA publications and research

Membership only access to the ACRA resources and videos

Access to ACRA's mentorship program

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