Have your say in global survey about the impact of COVID-19 on CR delivery

The International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) are seeking to understand how you and your program have been impacted by COVID-19 through a confidential, online survey. For instance, some CR programs across the world are having to close temporarily, and other are transitioning to delivering care virtually. They are writing to each CR program around the world to request your voluntary completion of their important survey and to share with your colleagues.

This brief online survey assesses program characteristics, CR services available to patients during COVID-19, barriers and needs regarding CR service delivery during COVID, as well as impact on you as staff. They will use this information to identify major gaps in CR care and to consider mitigation strategies to address these gap(s).

If you are willing to participate, please click on the link below. Only one member of your CR program should complete the the survey.This will take you to the survey in REDCap. All information supplied will be held in confidence. Your name and your organization’s name will not appear in any report or publication of the research.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Link to complete the survey: https://redcap.apps01.yorku.ca/surveys/?s=JYFWK9KJRW (press ctrl + click on the link)

They hope that you will fill out the questionnaire soon given the time-sensitive nature of the topic, however they understand if you are experiencing higher than usual workloads and need additional time. If you have any questions or comments about the study, please let them know by emailing globalcardiacrehab@gmail.com .

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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