COVID 19 Arrangments

ACRA is committed to being at the forefront of the return to face-to-face conferences. After months of online events, we believe our  community is ready for a face-to-face event to reconnect after the relative isolation of the last 2 years. However, we are aware that some challenges and uncertainties regarding travel for some interstate and international colleagues may persist.

Why focus on a face to face conference?

The opportunity to come together face to face to interact with colleagues has always been an important feature of the ACRA conference. Our online events and virtual conference in 2020 played a vital role in keeping us connected during the pandemic, but as vaccinations roll out and borders reopen, we believe that it is time to bring our community together again.

Are any changes to the traditional conference program planned?

Drawing on lessons that we have all learned during the pandemic, this conference will make use of video technology to deliver some international presentations. These presentations will still provide full opportunity for live Q & A interaction with the speakers.

Some changes to the traditional venue layout may also be required to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Is the venue COVID friendly?

We have chosen a venue which we believe is best at minimising COVID risk. The conference sessions will be held in a standalone conference centre, with large open plan layout, covered al-fresco area and options for outdoor seating during breaks. The on-site accommodation is also resort style, with all rooms opening to garden or beach settings.

What happens if I am unable to travel to the conference due to a change in COVID-19 related Government travel restrictions?

  • Options for delegate remote access to the conference content are currently under review with the aim to accommodate your needs as best we can.
  • If you had been selected to give an oral presentation you will have the option to provide a pre-recording of your presentation that we will play to delegates during your scheduled session.

What if the conference, or my attendance, is disrupted by COVID-19?

We have multiple contingency plans in place for a range of scenarios, and will have as flexible an approach as possible to maximise participation and minimise disruption. At all times we will adhere to health department advice.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via