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Mentoring is defined as the transfer and transmission of experience, viewpoints and expertise from one person to another.

Purposes of a Mentoring Program include:

  • To develop a culture of successful, unbiased effective mentoring.
  • To capture the “wisdom of experience” of the experienced and successful
  • clinicians.
  • To develop and promote the capabilities of early and mid-career
  • clinicians.
  • To enlist the cooperation of successful clinicians in supporting and guiding
  • (mentoring) mid-career clinicians so that that their effectiveness, success and productivity is increased.
  • To encourage a collaborative learning environment and organisation

What is an effective mentoring program?

Mentoring should be well designed from the start, flexible and easily modified when the evidence suggests particular ineffective aspects. Good mentoring programs reflect and are compatible with local values, interests and concerns. Monitor the “health” of the program through the provision of on-going support to both mentors and mentee, ensuring efficient in terms of workload and efficacy will provide mutual benefit for all participants

The ACRA has developed a list of voluntary health professionals and academics who are happy to act as mentors for our ACRA members.

When you may call on a mentor:

  • If you would like to work with someone who perhaps has more research or clinical experience in a particular field to ask questions or receive guidance
  • As you are approaching submitting your work for consideration at a national or state education event and conference
  • As you debate which area you may wish to study
  • You may be completing your Masters or PhD in the area of Cardiac Rehabilitation or Chronic Disease Management and would like to receive guideance and support
  • Starting up a new initiative in your program and would like someone's advice and assistance.

For more information and to see the list of mentors, please click here.  You will need to login first.


Benefits of being a mentor:

  • Passing on obtained knowledge and experience to others
  • The opportunity to help/guide someone with less training/experience
  • The opportunity to further develop the fields of cardiac rehabilitation and chronic disease management
  • To form a new working/professional relationship
  • To learn from the mentee

If you would like to be a mentor, please complete this form and fax/send to the ACRA Executive Officer.

Please note: ACRA's only responsibility in this program is to encourage members to work with a mentor and to provide a list of such mentors.  We take no responsibility for any information or guidance exchanged between the two parties.

If you are a member, please login and click on the section "ACRA Mentor Program" to view more information plus the list of mentors.