Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association Inc.
Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association Inc.

ACRA 2018 Presentations

Monday 30 July: Pre-Conference Workshop 11:00-4:00:

John Atherton- Emerging treatments in heart failure

Management Of Renal Impairment in the heart failure patient:
Keshwar Baboolal- The Nephrologist perspective
John Atherton-The Cardiologist perspective

Remote monitoring and management of the heart failure patient
Christine Horton- Heart failure management via Telehealth
Scott McKenzie-Telemonitoring of the heart failure
Andrew Maiorana- Remote monitoring of body weight

Emerging treatments for the patient with a Ventricular Assist Device
Jayne Bancroft- The Care of the VAD patient
Andrew Maiorana- Exercise-based CR for VAD patients

Jo Maddicks-Law- The future of cardiac transplant “Heart-in-a-box”

Annabel Hickey-New Models of care in the heart failure management- where to from here?

Tuesday 31 July

David Colquhoun Engaging Cardiologists

Research Prize Session 10:45-11:45

Katie Palmer-
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of exercise parameters on quality of life and physical function in community dwelling people with Chronic Heart Failure

JENNA TAYLOR- The ‘FITR’ Heart Study

Jonathan Rawstorn- Breaking accessibility barriers

Clinical Excellence Showcase 11:50-12:30
Kathleen Powter & Julie Taylor-
Chest pain assessment service trial at Caboolture Hospital – improving patient safety and patient flow

Carolyn Astley-
A Cardiac Rehabilitation coalition: measuring and improving practice

Eugene Lugg-
“Track and Trigger” Heart Failure weight monitoring tool

Wendy Maginness-
Living well with SCAD- A Novel cardiac rehabilitation

Concurrent Abstract Sessions 1:30-2:115pm
Roma Room: “Create” Strengthening the chain of survival for AMI and Cardiac Arrest
Janet Bray-
Australian’s awareness of cardiac arrest and rates of CPR training: results from the Heart Foundation’s Heart Watch Survey

Robert Zecchin-
Benefits of cardiac rehabilitation on patients who have experienced an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OOHCA) – a retrospective cohort study

Terrace Room: “Create” Lifestyle Change: Exercise and Diet

Beth Meertens-
Dietary Patterns for Heart Health- An evidence informed approach

Nicole Freene-
Are cardiac rehabilitation patients meeting the physical activity guidelines 12 months after their event? A longitudinal study

Whickham Room: “Collaborate” Patient engagement and support
Heidi Janssen-
Patient readiness for risk-reduction education and lifestyle change following transient is chemic attack

Brittany Marsh-
Clinical and health promotion partnerships support cardiothoracic surgical patient recovery

Karen Uhlmann-
The Queensland My Heart, My Life Support Program

Leichhardt Room: “Create, Collaborate, Grow” Heart Failure
Steve Woodruffe-
Mortality rates post Heart Failure exercise rehabilitation program

Doris Yu-
An empowerment-based program on self-care and health-related quality of life of patients with Chronic Heart Failure: A preliminary cost-effective analysis on the program effects

Break Out Sessions 2:15-3:30pm
Wickham Room : Atrial Fibrillation Symposium: Perspectives on managing competing priorities, cardiac rehabilitation and the patient journey

Luke Shanahan- Atrial Fibrillation- Getting to the heart of the problem

Nicole Lowres- Atrial Fibrillation- considering the risk factor profile

Plenary Session “Create”
Alison Venn-The effect of lifestyle and obesity in childhood and early adulthood on the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes later in life

Wednesday 1 August

Clinical Prize Session 9:45-10:45

Jim Sallis- get up and move

Emma Glynn-
After hours Cardiac Rehabilitation, meeting the needs of our younger patients

JENNA TAYLOR- Considerations of HIIT

Mary-Anne Beer-
Screening for sleep apnoea in Cardiac Rehabilitation: prevalence and outcomes

Breakout Sessions 11:15-12:30

Terrace Room: ATSI Workshop: Closing the Gap- a Health Systems Response
Daniel Williamson-
ATSI Workshop: Better Cardiac Care – better services, better data, better outcomes

Leichhardt Room : Symposium: Addiction, Habits and the Brain: How recent advances in science can inform clinical practice

Colin Mendelsohn-
Smoking habits and nicotine addiction

Gina Cleo- – Are habits the key to sustained weight loss?

Concurrent Sessions 1:15-2:20
Roma Room-: “Create” Screening in CVD – Challenges and Opportunities

Andrew Maiorana-
Pre-exercise screening for cardiac rehabilitation Associate Professor

Robert Zecchin-
Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Cardiac Rehabilitation – a single site experience

Nicole Lowres-
Identification of secondary atrial fibrillation during hospital admission and patient self-monitoring for atrial fibrillation recurrence post discharge: a feasibility study

Terrace Room-“Collaborate” Addressing referral, access and resourcing issues for cardiac rehabilitation improvement

Samara Phillips-
The Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry- CR module

Hazel Mountford-
Cardiac Rehabilitation Secondary Prevention referral numbers: a retrospective audit and process review

Pat Field-
Cardiac rehabilitation for all adults in rural and remote areas of northern Queensland: Barriers, enablers and pathways

Wickham Room- “Grow” Is it time to rethink cardiac rehabilitation program design, content and eligibility?


Susie Cartledge-
Developing a cardiac rehabilitation curriculum in Victoria – methods and preliminary results

Invited Speakers Symposiums
Roma Room “Create”: Acute care and the patient journey

Judith Finn-
Out of hospital cardiac arrest and considerations for cardiac rehabilitation

Jodie Ingles-
Multidisciplinary care of families with inherited heart diseases

Terrace Room: “Collaborate”: Closing the heart-health gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Tabinda Basit-
Cardiovascular health outcomes through Work It Out – a chronic disease self-management program

Kathy Brown-
The Rheumatic Heart Disease plan and future directions

Wickham Room: Grow”: Managing heart disease in an aging population: challenges and opportunities
Alison Mudge-
Mobility, frailty and other considerations for exercise in the older patient

Liz Reymond-
Advanced heart disease and advanced-care planning

Ian Scott-
Too much medicine? Deprescribing in patients with cardiovascular disease

Clearing the air on E cigarettes 3:55-4:35
Colin Mendelsohn
Renee Bittoun

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